Educational and Research Institute of International Education

Vice-Rector for International Relations, Acting Director of the Institute
Sergey Garkusha
Deputy Director of the Institute for the Training of Foreign Students
Olena Zinchenko
Researcher at the Scientific and Practical Center for the Organization of Enrollment of Foreigners and Stateless Persons at the Institute
Olena Garkusha
Senior Inspector of the Department for Training of Foreign Students of the Institute
Marina Kosacheva
Passport officer of the Department for Training of Foreign Students of the Institute
Jadan Olga

The purpose of the Institute is to ensure the effective educational, scientific and upbringing process of foreign students and to attract foreign citizens and stateless persons to study at the university.

The main functions of the Institute, which is responsible for solving a set of issues related to the education, upbringing and residence of foreign students in Ukraine, are:

The system of education for foreign students meets the requirements of the countries whose students study at our university. Education is carried out according to unified curricula and programs for the chosen specialty for Ukrainian and foreign students.

The university has permanent courses of Ukrainian as a foreign language. With the help of teachers, students overcome the language barrier, get acquainted with the history of Ukraine, the traditions of the university, the system and forms of education, and master information and communication technologies.
International students are actively involved in sports and cultural activities and research activities of the university.

Poltava University of Economics and Trade provides a full range of educational services related to higher education at the level of bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

To study at the university, you must submit the following documents: