University mission


Providing of capacity and capability development of students and staff self-realization in their education, research, innovation and organization activity; training of recognized in Ukraine and abroad professionals of new generation – leaders in economics, business, management, servicing, food and Information technologies.

Strategic objective is to ensure the competitiveness of the university on the domestic and European educational services and labor markets.

Major Objectives

  • Providing innovative development of the university.
  • Forming resource support development activities.
  • Increasing quality of the research and pedagogical potential of chairs, the development of schools of scientific fields of knowledge, science and technology. 
  • Improving the mechanism of involving talented young people to learning.
  • Providing social protection of staff, students, graduate students and doctoral candidates.
  • Improving management and organizational structure of the university. 
  • Improving training and retraining quality of specialists with higher education.
  • Strengthening social partnership and fostering integration processes with other educational institutions, research institutions and employers.

Quality Management System Activities of
Poltava University of Economics and Trade

Objective – providing conditions for realization of basic principles of quality management activities of the university.

Main objectives of policy of the Poltava University of Economics and Trade in the sphere of quality:

  • Ensuring leadership responsibility for the efficiency of Quality Management System, creating conditions for the effective cooperation and proper duties performance.
  • Active marketing and market segmentation of education services, monitoring of labor market, customer requirements, increasing their satisfaction.
  • The analysis of Quality Management System of the university, the development and implementation of actions to improve the efficiency of the system. 
  • Using the principle of “teamwork”, providing interconnection of main and support management processes.
  • Improving approaches to designing of processes, conducting timely updating of documented procedures ensuring processes with necessary resources to determine the results of processes and their impact on performance.
  • Delegation of authority to employees, improving staff motivation and encouraging system for creative, effective and active work. 
  • Measurement and collection of reliable and accurate data relating to the quality control of all processes of activities.
  • Organization and use of mutually beneficial partnerships with higher educational establishments of I-II accreditation levels and schools.