Accounting and auditing

Accounting has a long history and traditions. The first associations of accountants created the Coat of Arms, which characterizes the accounting profession in an extremely comprehensive and complete manner.

The center of the Coat of Arms depicts the Bernoulli curve, which shows that accounting, having emerged, does not disappear, but develops and will continue to develop. The sun symbolizes that accounting as a science and as a practice covers the life of business entities from all sides and provides information to meet the needs of different users. Libra, depicted on the Coat of Arms, confirms the fact that everything in economic and financial life is interconnected but in balance. The words on the Coat of Arms of accountants are extremely profound: science, trust, independence. That is, accounting is a science that is constantly evolving and improving; entrepreneurs entrust their property and capital to professional accountants in keeping records; independence means that accountants express their opinion on the facts of economic activity, are independent of the owners, but comply with the requirements of the law in each country.