Commodity science, biotechnology, expertise and customs


The Department of Commodity Research, Biotechnology, Expertise and Customs was established in 2018 by reorganizing the Department of Food Commodity Research, the Department of Non-Food Commodity Research, the Department of Expertise and Customs and the Department of Chemistry.

The department is headed by Professor, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences Birta Gabriella Oleksandrivna, a reputable scientist and experienced teacher who puts a lot of effort into the development and implementation of new areas of the department. G.O. Birta deals with the study of meat genotypes of pigs bred in Ukraine, methods of their creation, modern methods of animal evaluation, issues of purebred breeding, crossbreeding, hybridization, hematological and histological research in the field of pig breeding, commodity characteristics of pork meat. In 2010. G.O. Birt defended her doctoral dissertation on “Formation of meat and fat productivity of different pig genotypes depending on paratypic factors”.

The Department of Commodity Science, Biotechnology, Expertise and Customs is a graduating department in the specialties 076 Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activities (educational programs “Commodity Science and Commercial Business”, “Expertise and Customs”, “Customs in International Trade”, “Commodity Science and Commercial Activities”, “Commodity Science and Expertise in Customs”) and 162 Biotechnology and Bioengineering (educational program “Biotechnology”).

The department has Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor H. Birta; Candidates of Sciences, Associate Professors Y. Burgu, A. Tkachenko, L. V. Floka, O. Goryachova, N. Ofilenko, V. Nazarenko, O. Kyrychenko; senior lecturers Z. Kotova, N. Hnitii, Z. Rachynska; head of laboratories S. Nagorna.

The main goal of the department is to train highly qualified specialists – commodity experts, experts, biotechnologists and customs specialists. The teachers of the department regularly publish textbooks, scientific articles, develop and update methodological developments in the disciplines of the department.

The department is guided by the Mission of Poltava University of Economics and Trade (PUET) – “Together – to the heights of professional excellence and life success of everyone” – ensuring the development of potential and opportunities for self-realization of students and employees in the process of their joint innovation, organizational, scientific and educational activities; training of a new generation of specialists recognized in Ukraine and abroad – leaders in the field of economics, entrepreneurship, management, service, food and information technologies”.