The Department of Jurisprudence as a component of the integral educational system of the university is designed to ensure the implementation of the PUET mission, namely

development of the potential and opportunities for self-realization of students and staff in the process of their joint innovative, organizational, scientific and educational activities;
training of specialists in the field of jurisprudence, who should ensure the realization of constitutional rights, freedoms and obligations in the XXI century.

Realizing the impossibility of achieving this ideal without a profound legal education and upbringing, we can define the main tasks and activities of the Department of Jurisprudence aimed at achieving the goal of providing students with comprehensive legal knowledge, instilling skills in the skillful application of theoretical provisions in the course of practical activities.

The priority area of the department’s work is research on the topic “Traditions and Innovations in the Development of Private Law in Ukraine: Educational Dimension” (state registration number 0112U005870). Over the past few years, the Head of the Department, Professor Lavryk H. V., has prepared doctoral dissertations on “Legal regulation of freedom of conscience, religion and activities of religious organizations in Soviet Ukraine (1919-1929)”; Professor Gladkyi S. O. “Cooperative legislation in the Ukrainian SSR in the 1920s as a phenomenon of socio-historical reality”; PhD thesis by Associate Professor Kulchii O. O. “Legal regulation of contractual relations of compulsory insurance of civil liability of owners of land vehicles”.

The preparation of PhD theses is being completed by Assoc. Prof. Liakhivnenko S. M. (topic – “Legal nature of international standards”) and senior lecturer Boberska K. G. (topic – “The right to engage in entrepreneurial activity in Ukraine and Western Europe”).

In recent years, the teachers of the Department have prepared and published a number of monographs with a total volume of 43.5 academic units, published dozens of scientific articles with a total volume of 17 academic units, abstracts with a total volume of 17 academic units, etc.

Since 2012, the Department has been organizing the annual All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference “Traditions and Innovations of Private Law Development in Ukraine: Educational Dimension”.

The teachers of the Department have prepared and published 62 teaching aids for independent study of disciplines under the credit-module system of organization of the educational process, 3 of which are in English and 10 in Russian.

In 2014, a textbook was published on the discipline “State Standards of Education and National Educational Legislation” (Prof. Lavryk H. V., Associate Professor Terela H. V., Associate Professor Kharchenko T. O., Associate Professor Mashkina S. V., Senior Lecturer Kulchii O. O., senior lecturer. Lyakhivnenko S. M.), recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine as a textbook for university students (letter № 1/11 – 8267 of 15.05.2013).