The department provides professional fundamental, scientific, and professional training, as well as plays a coordinating role in all issues of training content, development of regulatory documents of the specialty, planning of the educational process, organization of practical training of students, methodological support, and conducts training of scientific and pedagogical personnel through postgraduate studies.

The department trains specialists in the specialty “Marketing” (full-time and part-time) at the first (bachelor’s) level: the educational program “Marketing”, the elective block of professional direction “Internet marketing”, the elective block of professional direction “Advertising business” and at the second (master’s) level: the educational program “Marketing”. To ensure the educational process, the faculty of the department has developed teaching and methodological complexes for all disciplines of its profile, which includes more than 50 manuals for independent study of subjects under the credit-module system, distance learning courses, guidelines for the preparation of diploma and term papers, internships, etc.

Teachers of the department are authors of textbooks and manuals recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science for students of the specialty
“Marketing” in higher educational institutions of Ukraine.

The Department of Marketing has a scientific school “Marketing Activities of Enterprises in the Market of Goods and Services”, headed by the Head of the Department, Doctor of Economics, Professor N. Karpenko. The result of its activities is the preparation of candidates of sciences, research work, publication of educational (textbooks, manuals, lecture texts, etc.) and scientific literature (monographs, articles, abstracts, etc.).

The main objectives of the research of the Department of Marketing are: studying the current state of the marketing environment, trends in its development and finding ways to adapt the mechanisms for managing the results of production and commercial activities of business entities; deepening students’ knowledge of the conditions of functioning of modern enterprises, their place in the system of market relations and contribution to solving the problems of socio-economic development of society; providing the educational process with modern scientific, practical, methodological information for

The Department of Marketing pays considerable attention to research work. In this regard, the department annually approves a creative team for the implementation of research topics, namely “Marketing activities in the market of goods and services” (№359\12), “Marketing activities of advertising intermediaries in the market of goods and services” (№378\12), in which students and teachers of the department take an active part.

In 2005-2018, the Department of Marketing and its scientific school initiated the organization of several scientific forums at the university: the scientific and practical conference “Infrastructure provision of the food market in Ukraine” (2005), the international scientific and practical conference “Marketing activities of enterprises: modern content” (2015), scientific seminars with the participation of scientists, entrepreneurs and practitioners of marketing and advertising services.