Pedagogy and social sciences

The Department of Pedagogy and Social Sciences at the University has a long tradition of teaching and educating students. Its current friendly team emerged after the merger of two departments in 2015 – the Department of Philosophy and Political Science and the Department of Pedagogy, Cultural Studies and History.

The Department of Pedagogy and Social Sciences has always kept pace with the times and focused on the needs of the educational services market, and therefore, on September 1, 2011, it opened a set of training programs in the specialty 011 “Educational, Pedagogical Sciences” (educational and professional program “Higher Education Pedagogy”) of the master’s degree level, including for PUET students who want to build a career as a teacher in their home university and for research and teaching staff of colleges and technical schools who do not have a pedagogical education. The duration of the program is 1.5 years, with individualized learning and distance learning. Graduates receive a state diploma with a master’s degree in pedagogy and the qualification of “teacher of higher education institutions.”

The Department of Pedagogy and Social Sciences as an integral component of the university’s holistic educational system is designed to ensure the implementation of the PUET mission, namely the development of the potential and opportunities for self-realization of students and staff in the process of their joint innovative, organizational, scientific and educational activities; training of new generation specialists recognized in Ukraine and abroad – leaders in the field of economics, entrepreneurship, tourism, management, service, food and information technologies. Realizing the impossibility of achieving this ideal without a profound humanitarian education and upbringing, we can define the main tasks and activities of the department aimed at achieving the goal of providing students with humanitarian knowledge related to their professional training.”

The Department of Pedagogy and Social Sciences offers a Doctor of Philosophy degree program in the field of knowledge 01 “Education”, specialty 015 “Vocational Education (by specialization)” for researchers who are conducting research and seeking to defend their PhD theses.

Traditionally, the department conducts systematic author’s advanced training courses for teachers on the basis of the educational institution in accordance with the state license in the specialty 011 “Educational and Pedagogical Sciences” on the issues of “Modern Teaching Technologies”, “Methods of Teaching Disciplines in Higher Education”, etc.

The Department of Pedagogy and Social Sciences, in addition to providing in-depth humanitarian training for students, is actively engaged in educational work. The forms of this work are varied (excursions, visits to the theater, concerts, exhibitions, vernissages, involvement of students in volunteerism). In this way, students are exposed to the best achievements of culture and art, and form a consciously patriotic worldview. The department also organizes various roundtables, conferences, and debates, which helps students develop critical thinking, the ability to analyze information, broaden their horizons, and form skills for their future profession.