About the quality of education and its future

Traditionally, the university has acted as the platform on which important strategic for the society and its future discussion are held. The subject of the meeting this time was the process of ensuring the quality of education. This is the question that will always be a priority for the development not only of our university, but also of education in Ukraine in general. Therefore, to assist schools in building an internal quality assurance system is the main goal of the co-creation “Creating a Space of Quality Education Together”, organized and conducted by the State Education Quality Service of Ukraine.

Participants were addressed by event organizers and distinguished guests, including: Ruslan Gurak, Head of the State Service for Quality of Education of Ukraine, Dmytro Lunin, First Deputy Head of the Poltava Regional State Administration, Alexei Nestulya, Rector of the Poltava University of Economics and Trade, Svetlana Nestulya, Deputy Mayor issues of humanitarian development.

According to Ruslan Gurak, institutional audits in seven educational establishments are planned for 2020 in Poltava region.

After all, all participants of the event are the heads of general education institutions, which will carry out the institutional audit in 2020-2021, the heads of education management bodies, representatives of local education management bodies and the State Service for Quality of Education of Ukraine are not indifferent to improving the quality of education in Ukraine in general.

During the co-working, the participants discussed the Roadmap for building an internal quality assurance system. The mediator on this issue was Yuriy Vergun, director of the institutional audit department of the State Service for Quality of Education of Ukraine. His report aroused interest, attendees asked questions and shared their thoughts based on work experience.

Participants were able to work in small groups on practical issues. The processes of assessment and self-assessment of the educational environment and management processes in educational institutions, moderated by Yuri Vergun, were discussed not only during co-working, but also during his break. The issue of evaluation and self-assessment of pedagogical activity of employees and the system of evaluation of educational recipients, moderated by Nadia Zhugan, Head of the Department of Profile and Specialized Education of the Department of General Secondary and Preschool Education of the Department of Institutional Audit of the State Audit Service of Ukraine aroused no less lively reaction from the audience. Such a reaction only emphasizes the relevance and urgency of the event. The atmosphere of cooperation of participants, their positive, willingness and determination inspires us to state that education in Ukraine has all the preconditions for a qualitative leap into modern educational technologies.

We are proud that PUET always acts as one of the agents of quality change in society, which leads to positive changes in the country’s economy, well-being of citizens and well-being of society.