All-Ukrainian youth public organization “AIESEC in Ukraine” invites students to cooperate

On February 11, 2019, the presentation “Opportunities from AIESEC” of the All-Ukrainian Youth Public Organization “AIESEC in Ukraine” was held at the Poltava University of Economics and Trade.

AIESEC is an organization engaged in self-development of youth, gaining practical experience in various fields and developing youth leadership potential. This is a non-political, independent organization run by young people interested in world affairs, leadership and management.

“We are developing leaders who are self-conscious citizens of the world, result-oriented and can inspire others!”

In Ukraine, AIESEC operates in 12 cities, employs over 250 volunteers and 14 national partners such as Apple Inc., Forex, and others. Every year it is realized about 60 projects in the winter and summer periods.


Language school

June 11, 2013 – July 14, 2018

  1. 12 volunteers from 5 countries (India, Indonesia, Egypt, Turkey and China)
  2. Study of 4 languages ​​(English, Turkish, Arabic and Chinese) is organized.
  3. More than 125 poltavians are involved in the participation

Shape Ukraine

08/06/2018 – 09/28/2018

6 volunteers from 2 countries (Italy and Turkey) are involved.

With the participation of volunteers, the World Cleaning Day (under the leadership of NGO “Nova Poltava”) was implemented and the intercultural experience exchange in the sphere of marketing of Aurora company.

Poltava and oblast residents are involved in the participation (in the preparation and implementation of the World Cleaning Day).

Features from AIESEC

Join AIESEC and be the organizer of projects in Poltava

Participate in Host Family and Buddy programs

Become a member of the Language School project

Go to internship in another country from AIESEC.

AIESEC graduates can become successful entrepreneurs and conduct international events and forums.

AIESEC in Ukraine invites students from the age of 17 to 27 years old to work together.

How to join?

Fill in the application form at http://aiesec.ua/join-aiesec/

Wait for a representative AIESEC call for further action.