Effective interaction between higher education and stakeholders is the key to productive development of all parties of the dialogue (UNIVERSITY – EMPLOYER – STUDENT).

The university gets the opportunity to increase the efficiency of employment of students and graduates, as well as to update the educational process taking into account the requirements of the labor market. The employer is interested in a dialogue with the University to develop and train professionals who will be adapted to the work process after graduation. The student focuses on the acquisition of a set of professional competencies necessary to build a successful professional career.

A convincing proof that the staff of the Department of Finance and Banking cares about the future employment of its students is the organization of an online dialogue of first-year financiers majoring in 072 “Finance, Banking and Insurance” with the employer – director of PJSC IC “Providna” in Poltava Bezdudna Larysa.

“The profession of an insurance agent is very attractive because it provides an opportunity to have a stable income, a free schedule and a wide range of communication,” said Larysa Bezdudna, which interested future financiers.

Ms. Larysa conducted an interesting online tour of the office of the insurance company “Providna”, during which students had the opportunity, without leaving their homes, to be in the working atmosphere of a modern insurance company. She spoke about the essence of insurance, positions that can be held in the insurance industry, the relevance and prospects of the insurance business and even the level of wages.

In a lively discussion, students received answers to questions about situations in which insurance compensation will not be provided for different types of insurance; main trends in the development of life insurance and health insurance services; opportunities for internships, requirements for job applicants, dress code and business ethics in the insurance company.

Information about a new health insurance product in the current conditions of the pandemic – “STOP.СORONAVIRUS” turned out to be relevant for the audience. This is insurance in case of diagnosis of COVID-19, in which the payment of insurance indemnity in the case of inpatient treatment in any course of the disease COVID-19.

As a result, students gained a unique experience of communicating with an experienced insurance business specialist and useful advice from a potential employer.