Celebration the days of the Erasmus + program in PUET

From October 15 to 17, 2020, the whole world joined the celebration of the days of the Erasmus + program. More than 5,000 online events have been held in different parts of the world as part of the global initiative #ErasmusDays 2020! The aim is to present the projects and achieved results, gained experience, successful stories and practices of the European Union Erasmus + program.

The Erasmus + program are named after the medieval Dutch scientist Erasmus of Rotterdam and has been running since 1987. At the same time, the name stands for “European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students”. The program supports projects, partnerships, events and academic mobility in education, training, youth and sport. Erasmus + provides the opportunity and financial support for training, internships or teaching in other countries participating in the program. The Erasmus + program bring together young people from all over the world through a variety of opportunities, from student exchanges to volunteering. Almost 4.5 million students took part in the exchange program. Ukrainians are the most active participants in the Eastern Partnership Program, and the interest of Ukrainian universities in cooperation with the EU is growing every year.

This year, more than 80 events were held in our country as part of the global initiative #ErasmusDays 2020. PUET also joined this large-scale event. As part of the celebration of the Days of the Program, the International Research and Education Center (IREC) organized three-day online events:

-online marathon “Erasmus go-getters in PUET”. For three days, PUET students, former participants in the Erasmus KA1 international credit mobility program, shared their experiences and success stories;

-online test “Are you ready to become an Erasmus student?” on the social network Instagram. About 100 PUET members learned how ready they are to participate in international credit mobility;

-online flashmob “Your Erasmus country”. With the help of Instagram-mask, everyone could learn “your perfect Erasmus destination”;

-drawing of prizes among PUET students who joined the flash mob “Your Erasmus Country”.

For active participation in the online flashmob “Your Erasmus Country” Vitalina Serbin and Juliana Nos received gifts with the symbols of the University and the Erasmus program.

Remember that there are two ways to be happy: to become a PUET student and to participate in the Erasmus program. If you have already done the first, then there is only one step left to the other – to register for the international credit mobility program. Dream, strive, achieve!