Congratulations to Barybina Yanina on receiving gratitude from the Embassy of Georgia in Ukraine

On the occasion of honoring the memory of the outstanding Georgian writer David Guramishvili, whose creative work enriched two nations, both Ukrainian and Georgian, Baribin Yanin was awarded a letter of thanks from the Embassy of Georgia in Ukraine.

“I’m very proud to receive gratitude, in particular, thank you Dato Bochorishvili!  It is a pleasure for me to continue to work towards establishing cultural and educational ties between Ukraine and Georgia in cooperation with the NGO” Georgia “, led by Ramaz Zarkua.

My acquaintance with the Museum as the head of the Georgian cultural and educational center of PUET began in 2013. Since then, I have been inspired by the work of the team and want to implement new ideas and projects, to develop tourist routes “Georgian trails of Poltava region”. I have a lot of motivation, because when your work is noticed, it adds inspiration “- taken from the words of Yanina Barybina.