Cooperation with well-known German co-operators

On January 22, 2019, PUET was visited by world-renowned scholars and practitioners from Germany: Mr. Matthias Fiedler, Attorney at the Central Union of German Consumer Societies (ZdK), Member of the Board of Directors of Euro Coop, and Mr. Markus Heinish, Professor at the Humboldt University of Berlin.

Mr. Fiedler has already visited Poltava for the second time in order to coordinate the steps for further cooperation, outlined during the first meeting on September 3, 2018. During the workshop, two main areas of cooperation were identified:

1. Staged preparation of materials for submitting a joint project application within the framework of the EU Erasmus Program: Collaborative projects for the development of innovation and the exchange of best practices in higher education;

2. Collaboration between scientists from PUET and HUB.

The first step in realization of the planned scientific plans will be the participation of a group of PUET’s scientists in the scientific conference on the problems of the cooperative movement, which will take place in the HUB under the auspices of the International Cooperative Alliance in August 2019.

At the same time in Berlin, work on the Erasmus + project will be generalized. This cooperation has a good perspective thanks to the active support of the PUT initiatives by the German co-operatives.