Cooperative education of the XXI century

To discuss the problems and tendencies of the humanitarian component of cooperative education, the role of institutions of cooperative education in social and cultural development, and within the framework of the agreement with the Belarusian Trade and Economic University of Consumer Cooperatives (BTEU), the scientific and pedagogical staff of the Poltava University of Economics and Trade (PUET ) have taken part in the International scientific and methodical Internet conference “Cooperative Education of the XXI Century: Traditions and Innovations”, which took place on April 24, 2019, on the basis of BTEU.

Associate Professor of the Department of Pedagogy and Social Sciences of PUET, Ph.D. Vita Sarapin, participated in the online broadcast of the plenary session. Her report  “Contribution of the Cooperative Publishing House” Knyhospilka “to the Ukrainian literary and educational process of 1920-1931” caused a considerable interest of the participants, a large number of questions.

We would like to thank our colleagues-partners from BTEU for organizing the conference and for many years of cooperation in the field of scientific activity. Our congratulations on the occasion of the university jubilee!