During the quarantine, PUET law students worked with WSZOP law students

During the quarantine, junior bachelors, bachelors majoring in 081 Law together with Polish law students studied the experience of dermatoscopy in criminology, in particular during the English lecture “Dermatoscopy in criminology – selected aspects”, which took place on October 22, 2020 at the Higher School of Management in Katowice (WSZOP).

The online event started on the WSZOP remote platform with an introductory speech in Ukrainian by WSZOP international cooperation specialist Olena Koshchenko. Ms. Olena spoke about training programs, specialties, international cooperation programs and a double degree program (in Forensics) at WSZOP.

Then Mr. Arkadiusz P. Szajna, Doctor of Laws, criminologist and WSZOP lecturer, took the floor. He greeted the students in English and Ukrainian, showed photos of the WSZOP forensic laboratory with students, including from Ukraine.

Mr. Arkadiusz asked a number of questions, including what students are studying. Most of those present answered: “Law”.

The lecture was devoted to certain aspects of dermatoscopy in criminology, in particular, the concept of dermatoscopy, features of cheyloscopy (identification of a person behind the lips) and otoscopy (behind the auricles), methods for detecting and protecting the relevant traces. Thus, during the lecture, the speaker showed different types of brushes in forensic otoscopy, described different types of earlobes, points on the ears that may be important for identification, methods of ear prints and more.

Mr. Shine moved on to the next part of the lecture on heiloscopy. He revealed the classification of types of lip shapes, described methods and special substances for removing lip marks in people, demonstrated specialized brushes.

Concluding the lecture, Mr. Arkadiusz thanked the attentive audience in Ukrainian and wished everyone good health.

Ms. Olena Koshchenko concluded the event and announced future plans to continue this format of events on various topics. The next online lecture from the Higher School of Occupational Safety in Katowice is scheduled for mid-November, focusing on business psychology.