Effective communication with students is a good opportunity to become better

On November 15, PUET held a strategic session under the motto: “The quality of higher education as a productive form of competence and professional consciousness. The event was moderated by Dean of the Faculty of Commodity Studies, trade and marketing Alina Tkachenko; director of the project office Inna Pakhomova; Associate Professor of Marketing Department Marina Ivannikova.  The strategic session was held in the form of mini-training.  Students identified the weak and strong points of the educational process in PUET in the game form.  Students told about their expectations from the meeting. The first thing they want to do is to improve the educational process together. Also it’s very important for students to be heard and being engaged in solving student problems. Students identified the most important problems using the “lotus flower” method. Students offered suggestions to improve the educational process using the “criticize-offer” rule. Students suggested: the development of practical training, the improvement of English language proficiency, the modernization of educational programs and the use of interactive teaching methods. Students paid attention to the needs for communication between students and teachers. No less importance has the creation of a friendly environment and academic atmosphere. Integration of foreign students with Ukrainian is also very important.

It was interesting to see the image of an ideal teacher. It is noteworthy that not the presence of scientific ranks determines this image by the eyes of students. First of all, human qualities are the main ones – kindness, honesty, openness, positivity and ability to communicate with students. But qualifications and practical experience are important too. Finally, the students left their wishes for the top management of the university. Students want to be heard and they seek practical action. And the first steps taken by the university administration have already been made. The results of the strategic session were discussed today at the meeting with the rector of the university, the first vice-rector Natalia Pedchenko and the event moderators. Discussion of these results will be taken to the administration and the Academic Council. After this there will be meetings with students and practical implementation of corrective actions to improve the educational process.