Everything you needed to know about creativity in 11 podcasts “Creativity for creative”

They say creative people are creative in everything. Is it really so? Does creativity choose individuals or do individuals find creativity in themselves? The answers to these questions are given by the project “Creativity for Creative” of Poltava University of Economics and Trade and  the University of Portsmouth (UK). The project is supported  by Ukrainian  Cultural Fund and the British Council as a part of Culture For Change programme.

Our project is a series of 11 audio podcasts “Creativity for Creative”, where authors and speakers – teachers of PUET Oksana Lozova, Lyudmila Shymanovska-Dianich and Jovana Radulovic from the University of Portsmouth share their experiences and experience of British and world representatives of the world.

More information and news about the synergetic effect of long-term cooperation and implementation of previous projects of Poltava University of Economics and Trade and University of Portsmouth, you can find on the page Creative Spark Poltava

It all started with the fact that analyzing the skills that will be in demand in the near future, it turned out that creativity is the key to the inexhaustibility of their own resources and the ability to be competitive.  All processes in the world are automated and even partially replaced by robots, for Ukraine it is not very relevant yet, but technical progress and digitalization are moving forward rapidly. And that is why it naturally happened that creativity is the main feature of a person of the XXI century. This statement is proved by many examples of modern entrepreneurs, innovators, artists, all of whom, without exception, are creative individuals.

Historically, all creative personalities, all the classics we know, were also creative people, but aren’t creativity and creativity identical concepts? After researching this question, we came to the conclusion that these are slightly different things, although they are often inherent in the same people. It is possible to discover creativity and develop it even a little easier than creativity and this is a good news, because it does not require much, the main desire, perseverance and techniques of creativity can be mastered by anyone, even from scratch.

There may be some barriers to the development of creativity, but they will be only a small obstacle to the implementation of the creative process in practice. The main thing is to avoid the most common mistakes of creativity and then the triumph and victory of robots will never be a threat to us.

You may have noticed that the individual words and messages in the text we have highlighted are the topics of our podcasts. This is just a small summary of the Creativity for Creatives project. Imagine how much useful and interesting information you will get if you listen to them all, and it’s almost 4 hours of interesting conversations, a lot of practical advice and exercises that you can listen to individually or all together on convenient platforms: soundcloud, anchor, youtube, podcasts.google and podcasts.apple.

These podcasts are based on cases of creativity in the UK. They are recorded in Ukrainian, but the last podcast “Creativity vs Robots” is recorded in English https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jnS4tgXGO0&t=908s

During the project, half a million Ukrainians have already joined the audition.

Project is supported  by Ukrainian  Cultural Fund and the British Council as a part of Culture For Change programme.