Finishing of the AIESEC Winter Language School in PUET

Higher Educational Establishment of Ukoopspilka «Poltava University of Economics and Trade» as a social institution performs extremely important functions: contributes to the transfer of culture values formed in society; helps to maintain the existing social order; ensures continuity of traditions, values, ethical and moral principles of generations, adequate reaction of students, scientific and pedagogical workers and employees to the challenges of the present and the future.

The Strategy for University’s development is intended to respond not only to modern but also to the future aspirations of higher education graduates.

We aim to become the «Leader of Education» not only on the findings of the exhibitions, but also, above students who would go into an independent life with a sense of leadership potential and a conviction in their ability to become true leaders.

So, together with our partner, the All-Ukrainian youth public organization «AIESEC in Ukraine», we are united in our aspirations to achieve peace and development of leadership potential of the youth.

During the last two months, starting from January 22, 2019, on the basis of the PUET was realized a project of the Winter Language School by the youth organization “AIESEC in Ukraine” with the participation of language volunteers from all over the world, and our students also joined them.

We are grateful to AIESEC for creating and maintaining an international platform where young people become more confident, gain practical experience and achieve their goals. And we express our readiness and hope for further joint cooperation in this direction.

Our congratulations to «AIESEC in Ukraine» on the successful completion of the winter language school project!