First aid training

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has challenged us a lot. One of the challenges is knowing how to provide the first aid to people who were injured or hurt during the bombing and shelling of civilians, civilian infrastructure. It is no coincidence that a detachment of 30 volunteers was set up at PUET on February 24 to provide first aid to the victims. And on February 25, the head of the regional branch of the Red Cross in Ukraine Iryna Pliusnina and her colleague Valentyna Rodyk considered as experienced specialists, conducted the first classes for volunteers, where they acquired the necessary competencies that are important in crisis situations.

Classes were given a positive feedback from university staff and students, migrants, students of the University of the Third Age. Therefore, Svitlana Nestulya initiated the division of 213 applicants into 7 groups. The current organizational issues were taken over by the Adult Education Center (Olha Stefaniuk and Svitlana Verezomska), which has been working on the basis of PUET for several years with the support of the German foundation DVV International. The training sessions were conducted by the head and other employees of the Red Cross branch in Poltava region.

The synergy of efforts of the university, public organizations and our foreign partners has given excellent results: now we have more than 200 volunteers ready to provide professional first aid.

Everything will be Ukraine!