Poltava University of Economics and Trade implemented an effective tool for protecting the rights, freedoms and interests of students – student ombudsman!

The presentation of the ombudsman took place at the University. The event was attended by the rector of the University O. Nestulia; working group of the project (I. Pakhomova, K. Vergal, Yu. Pereguda, M. Ivannikova); student council of the University headed by M. Negoda.

The culmination of the event was the solemn oath of the student ombudsman. “To protect the rights, freedoms and interests of students, honestly perform the duties, follow to the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, keep confidentiality of student appeals. Guided by the principles of justice, honesty and objectivity, I guarantee the protection of PUET students from any violation their rights and freedoms. Never betray the interests of the student family! I swear! “- V. Karmanenko, ombudsman for PUET.