Foreign Students undergo Creative Business Entrepreneurship Training at PUET

For three days – 23, 24 and 28 January foreign students of PUET were able to undergo creative entrepreneurship training under the Creative Spark: Educational Entrepreneurship Support Program of the British Council. The training included two workshops: “Creating a Startup in the Creative Industries” and “Creativity as an Entrepreneur Trait”.

On the first day of the training, participants learned how to find a creative idea, turn the idea into a business model, choose a successful marketing niche and launch a business project. Consequently, students have acquired a basic set of knowledge to run a business. The training combined lecture material and business games aimed at developing practical skills.

The second day of the training was dedicated to researching and developing one’s level of creativity. Students had the opportunity to determine their level of creativity and style of thinking. By performing various tests and exercises, they were able to demonstrate their ability to be creative, which confirmed their adaptation to the requirements of the present and gave confidence in the future.

The training workshops were aimed at acquiring knowledge and skills sufficient for students to create and describe their own business ideas. To do this, they were provided with a recommended outline of a business idea, but not limited to presentation format. So, on January 28 presentations of business ideas of participants took place. More than four hours passed extremely fast. The students’ ideas were striking in originality and covered a wide range of areas, from the creation of mobile apparel collection to the production of consumer waste.

In total, more than 30 students from more than 10 countries participated in this training. Unique mix of cultures, interesting discussion and breaking ideas. Students and teachers received unforgettable impressions and emotions. However, the Creative Spark project is continuing and further activities are underway.