Global Money Week

The Global Money Week is an annual global initiative, a week with the events, classes, projects, presentations and competitions in financial education and literacy held in 130 countries.

The Global Money Week slogan in 2018 – Money Matters!, which says that young people need to acquire knowledge and skills needed to make sound and informed financial decisions throughout their lives.Teachers of Finance and Banking Chair held series of events within the framework of the World Week of Money.

Thus, on March 13, 2018, associate professor I. Fisun organized a master-class on accumulative insurance programs for 2-4 year students of “Finance and Credit” and the teachers of the chair on “How to save and multiply money”. The master-class was conducted by Director of Sales Promotion Center V. Sobko and financial advisor of PJSC “SG” TAS A. Nikolaenko. Participants of the seminar actively discussed the issues and put up topical questions for discussion.

The teachers of Finance and Banking Chair organized dictation writing in English on the topic “How do I spend money?”. The goal of the event was to raise the level of financial literacy and to test English language skills of the participants. The introductory words and the wishes of the successful writing of the dictation were addressed by the Head of Finance and Banking Chair V. Kartseva and Associate Professor I. Fisun. The participants of the event were I-V year students of “Finance, Banking and Insurance”, foreign students of PUET, students of Poltava Cooperative College, pupils of grades 10-11 of Poltava school #16 and Poltava School #37, as well as teachers of the chair. The dictation was conducted by the associate professor of the translation department of Luhansk National University after T. Shevchenko, Ph. D. N. Demchenko.

The best experts in English language in the field of finance among pupils: O. Borisova (1st place); I. Mamaev (2nd place), K. Ozhiganova (2nd place), D. Chamaru (2nd place); V. Yezhachenko (3rd place) and V. Ulyzko (3rd place)I. Yakovenko (1st place); S. Palichenko (2nd place), K. Kaducka (2nd place), A. Karas (2nd place); V. Derevyanko (3rd place) and B. Kiprich (3rd place)J. Sartier (PUET), A. Bugaevskaya (PUET) and V. Fesenko (Poltava Cooperative College) showed the best results among the students.Among the teachers of Finance and Banking Chair, the best expert of the English language showed E. Gorbunova.

Congratulations to all the participants in writing the dictation! In order to strengthen the practical component of the educational process, the head of Finance and Banking Chair V. Kartseva and associate professor of the department O. Timoshenko organized a practical training session for students of the V course of the specialty “Finance, Banking and Insurance” on the basis of the insurance company “Fidem Life» The leader of the students was Commercial Director of “Fidem Life” E. Klimchenko. At the practical lesson, the students acquainted with the actual problems of the development of non-state pension insurance in Ukraine, the features and benefits of savings insurance programs for both individual and corporate clients, received up-to-date information on the possibilities of retirement provision. As a part of the Global Money Week, on March 15, 2018, a student scholarship meeting “World of Finance” was held on “Financial Literacy of the Population as a Means to Fight Financial Fraud”.

The reports were delivered by the students of the group FC -11:B.Davidenko “Financial literacy as the basis of financial security in the world”B.Kvitka “Thrifty or greedy? Their relationship in human life” V. Kolesnik “How to save savings from depreciation in conditions of inflation and devaluation?” P. Karachkovsky “The art of being economical: the secrets of millionaires” N. Korniychuk “Cybercrime in the financial sphere “I. Nagnibidha “The art of creating a budget family budget” G. Vakulenko “Recipes for the treatment of extravagance” Y. Dobriak “TEST FOR SAFETY” Student scientific and practical discussion was supported by the lecturers of Finance and Banking Chair T. Gudz and O. Gasyi.

The final event of the Global Money Week was the intellectual-entertaining quiz “Personal Financial Security: To Save To Increase” for students of Poltava Cooperative College, on March 16, 2018 by Associate Professor of Finance and Banking Chair N. Fesenko. During the meeting, the students of “Finance, Banking and Insurance” learned about possible options for family budget planning, effective use of their own funds.