On 19 April, 2017 the traditional holiday “Gymnasium Spring – 2017” was held in Poltava gymnasium № 13 to honor the winners of municipal, regional and national competitions and contests. The Head of Ukrainian and Foreign Languages Chair, prof. N.M. Bobukh and assistant professor V.V. Stetsenko attended this holiday. They congratulated students and teachers, wished them creative scientific achievements and new victories. In addition to certificates and diplomas, the representatives of Higher Education Institution of Ucoopspilka “Poltava University of Economics and Trade” awarded the winners of contests and competition-protection of research works for Malaya Academy of Sciences with presents — branded T-shirts.

That day on the school stage they honored 42 winners of II city and 17 winners of III regional stage of All-Ukrainian Olympics and their teachers, 20 winners of I city stage of competition-protection the research works of students for Malaya Academy of Sciences, 6 winners of II regional stage and their supervisors (English, German, French, Ukrainian language and literature, etc.).

“Gymnasium Spring – 2017” is a triumph of knowledge, intelligence and talent!