Help for children and mothers

After publishing the information about the Humanitarian Aid Center on the website of PUET, the University’s marketing department was approached by internally displaced persons (IDPs) — mothers and their children. Their words of gratitude to volunteers and volunteer organizations were usually preceded by the stories about what children and mothers experienced escaping missile attacks and air strikes. They are full of pain  for their motherland, plundered homes, cities, and villages. They also told us about the heroic death of a father in front his two children, who shielded them with his own body from a bomb dropped on a humanitarian convoy; about parents, brothers, and sons, who went to defend their land with weapons in hand, after having made sure their children and loved ones were safe. And symbolically, a mother who managed to leave the area of active hostilities in the last days of pregnancy, gave birth to a girl in Poltava.

There was also a certain reproach from them: in the article about the humanitarian aid center at PUET we did not mention the Ukrainian Charitable Foundation HELPGROUP, which helps infants by providing hygiene products, medicines and baby food.

Indeed, the foundation is doing a crucial job, supporting children and their parents, and it is nice that they do not ignore the IDPs who found refuge in PUET. Mobile aid center near the university dormitories was one of most recent projects that we organized together with the foundation’s representative in Poltava region Davyd Dzhalahoniia.

We publish a photoreport of its work and express our gratitude.

Everything will be Ukraine!