International Internet Conference “Commerce, Logistics and Marketing in an Innovative Economy”

PUET participated in the International Scientific and Practical Internet Conference “Commerce, Logistics and Marketing in an Innovative Economy: A Scientific Discussion”, to discuss topical issues and within the framework of the agreement on cooperation with the Belarusian Trade  Economics University(BTEU). It took place on October 25, 2018.

Pro-rector for PUET’s scientific work, professor Garkusha Sergey Volodymyrovich addressed a congratulatory speech to the participants of the conference.

Head of the PUET’s Youth Business Center, associate professor of business and entrepreneurship, Yurko Igor participated in the online broadcast of the plenary session.

His report  “Quality of Service as a Factor for the Competitiveness of Trade Enterprises” aroused considerable interest among participants, a large number of questions and a lively discussion.

We would like to thank our partner colleagues from BTEU for organizing the conference and many years of cooperation in the field of scientific activity!