International Research and Educational Center joins International Days online event

On June 17-19, 2021, Yulia Pereguda, Director of the International Research and Education Center, and Tetyana Pisarenko, Head of the International Professional Internship Sector, took part in the International Days online event organized by the University of Powyslan in Kwidzyn (Poland).

This year the event brought together more than 60 students and representatives of international offices from around the world: India, Jordan, Philippines, Belarus, Croatia, Palestine, Macedonia and others.

The program included presentations of free economic zones and discussions on the topics of internationalization of the university, implementation of the Erasmus + program, study opportunities for students abroad, university work during the pandemic, etc.

Day 1:

1. Presentation of the Erasmus + program, including opportunities for students and graduates at selected universities; presentation of partner universities.

2. Discussion – how to increase the prestige and brand of the university based on the career and success of graduates, a bank of ideas for collaboration.

3. The achievements of our students and graduates are successes for our universities.

Day 2:

1. Experience of students – beneficiaries of mobility programs / projects – impact on professional life. Career Development Combined with Personal Development – What Did You Gain While in Another Country?

2. Student Advisory Panel – what they would like to know before leaving for Erasmus +, student advice to other participants on participation.

3. International status of the student – expectations / reality – what was missing and what initiative was most valuable in the host university.

4. Support for foreign students by universities during a pandemic.

5. Formation of competence of intercultural communication through foreign internship. Cultural conditions – barriers and opportunities.

6. The view of entrepreneurs – experience, specifics of work, chances for students.

Day 3:

1. The process of internationalization of the university in a pandemic / / Internationalization of the Macedonian education system / Mobility table.

2. “Digitalization” for institutional sustainable development.

3. Double diploma as an element of expanding the internationalization of the University.

4. The first steps of a graduate in the labor market – the value of vocational schools.

5. Pandemic from the student’s point of view. Online learning as an alternative form of learning. Training during a pandemic. Why is it worth it?

6. Covid-19 pandemic and demand for medical courses / new specialties. The problem of global shortage of medical staff.Image: