Internationalisation of educational activity by PUET teaching staff within Erasmus + Programme

Between June 25 and July 3, 2018, teaching staff of PUET took part in the Erasmus + KA1 program – International Mobility for Staff Teaching and Training Activities. The training took place at Budapest Metropolitan University (Budapest, Hungary). Programme participants: first Vice Rector of PUET, professor  Nataliia Pedchenko, the deputy head of international economics department, associate professor Vita Klymenko, lecturers of international economics department: associate professor Anna Artemenko, senior lecturer Svitlana Tul, associate professor Anna Flehantova, associate professor Nataliia Bazavluk; and associate professor of management department Zlata Tiahunova.

In order to improve teaching techniques in both universities, online lectures were developed by teaching staff of PUET and METU within the framework of academic cooperation.

The lectures cover the issues of digital marketing as the main method of brand promotion in international business; and the role International Labor Organization has to play in solving the global issue of youth unemployment.

PUET delegation took part in various events organized by METU. There were the following meetings: with METU International Partnership Coordinator – Károly Kopasz, with METU Vice-Rector for research – Ferenc Kiss, with METU dean of Business, Communication and Tourism Department – Árpád Papp-Váry, with professors of the Institute of Business – Zsuzsanna Széles and Csaba Ilyés.

During the meetings, the peculiarities of higher education in Hungary and Ukraine were discussed as well as prospects of future scientific and educational cooperation between METU and PUET.