Internationalization of educational activities of PUET’ International Economics Department during Erasmus + program

From March 26 to April 15, 2018, Associate Professor at International Economics Department Anna Artemenko and Senior Lecturer at International Economics Department Svitlana Tul participated in the program Erasmus + KA1 – International Mobility for Staff Teaching and Training Activities.

Within the exchange experience program, PUET’ professors were invited to the METU International Week, organized by the partner university – Budapest Metropolitan University (Budapest, Hungary). The four-day event united the higher educational institutions staff from Belgium, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Turkey, Hungary, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Chile. Participants of METU International Week received valuable experience of cross-cultural communications; as well, they discussed the opportunities and challenges that arise in the modern scientific and educational space. Within this event, Anna Artemenko and Svitlana Tul presented the features and advantages of educational and scientific process organization at PUET. PUET professors also conducted the International Trade and International Commercial Negotiations’ Technique workshops for the 3rd year METU students in the framework of the Ágnes Elam International Business Culture discipline.

During the mobility period, Anna Artemenko and Svitlana Tul read several guest lectures in English at the classes of METU professors Éva Lukácsi and Miklós Vásáry, in which they presented their own research in the field of international economic relations. Within the guest lectures, professors of International Economics Department used modern methods to activate the learning process, namely mini-lectures, case studies, business games, mini-group activities, debates, etc. Friendly and informal atmosphere that prevails between METU professors and students has facilitated the rapid integration of PUET International Economics Department professors into the METU educational process during the mobility program.

At the meeting with Károly Kopasz, International Partnership Coordinator at METU, the prospects for further development of international scientific and educational cooperation between METU and PUET were discussed. Looking forward to a fruitful cooperation between the flagships of Hungarian and Ukrainian education in the future.