Lecture on creative industries in the new economy

On October 22, a lecture by the founder and CEO of Advanter Group, Andrii Dligach, “Creative industries in the new economy: what is changing, what to prepare for” was held at PUET as part of the Creative Spark Project: Entrepreneurship Support Program with the support of the British Council.

Before the lecture, the project “Creative Spark: A Business Entrepreneurship Support Program in Education” was presented, outlined the main objectives and announced the main activities.

More than 120 participants gathered for the lecture seeking new ideas of business development from a strategic perspective. Despite the fact that the audience was very wide – entrepreneurs, students, teachers, marketers and managers, everyone was able to get up-to-date information.

“The speaker is great as well as the theme. I really liked everything. Personally for me this topic was very relevant” (Elena, entrepreneur).

Andriy Dligach in his speech covered and explained the leading world tendencies of development of technologies, economy and society. He gave a deep comparative analysis of trends in Ukraine and other countries.

“The speaker is a brilliant man, before that I attended his other lecture. He did not recur at all. A very skillful speaker with very interesting ideas ”(Vladimir, enterprise manager).

Considerable attention was also given to entrepreneurship, particularly in the creative industries. The lecturer paid attention to promising business start-ups, revolutionary business models that can bring success. Andriy Dligach emphasized the importance of applying progressive forms and methods of management and described the most effective current approaches.

Of course, the audience had numerous questions for the lecturer. Sometimes they were sharp, sometimes provocative, but thanks to the open atmosphere of discussion and meaningful responses of the lecturer, everyone stayed satisfied. One of Andrew Dligach’s key ideas is that the world is changing, and we need to understand these changes and change ourselves.

Dozens of valuable insights from the speaker that challenge established stereotypes and meaningful cliches, open and interested listeners, live discussion, interesting questions and answers – here’s how to describe the event. Listeners received a bunch of inspiration and ideas and the speaker received a heartfelt feedback from a grateful audience.

The Creative Spark project is just getting started and the organizers are inviting everyone to follow. Project events will be announced on the PUET website and the project page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/creative.spark.poltava/ .