Maintaining the morale of internally displaced people

We take care of temporarily displaced people on a daily basis by providing shelter in university hostels, providing hot meals, targeted humanitarian aid, medical services and maintaining their morale.

The performance of artists of the Poltava Regional Philharmonic for those who were forced to leave their homes to escape the war took place on April 28, 2022 in the assembly hall of the Poltava University of Economics and Trade. The event was also attended by students of the University of the Third Age, teachers, staff and all interested citizens.

Poltava Ensemble of Song, Music & Dance, Honored Artists of Ukraine Tetiana Sadokhina, Mykola Harmash, soloists Larysa Borysenko, Maryna Tkachenko, conversational artist Kateryna Yurchenko gave positive emotions to the audience on that day. The performance of the Kraiany Music Band (consisting of Honored Artist of Ukraine Serhii Starchenko, Anatolii Pyliai, Vitalii Pidopryhora and Alina Filipiuk) appeared to be a pleasant gift to the guests.

A special moment of such a unity was the joint performance of the famous song “Ukraine will win!”, about the success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and words of support and gratitude from the rector of the university Oleksii Oleksiyovych Nestulya, who noted that since 2014 the PUET family has been joined by hundreds of teachers and students from the temporarily occupied territories, and during the full-scale Russian aggression the university accepted more than 3,500 internally displaced people.

We thank the creative team of the Poltava Regional Philharmonic for your professionalism, dedication and positive emotions.

We can`t wait for new meetings.

Everything will be Ukraine!