New horizons for PUET students

Education abroad enables future professionals to gain strong knowledge and extensive practical experience, provides conditions for developing linguistic skills through daily communication in a foreign language environment, gives a chance to plunge into a new reality, discover different countries and expand the boundaries of their worldview. The Erasmus + KA1 International Credit Mobility Scholarship Program is an excellent opportunity to fulfill all these aspirations.

On February 12, 2020, PUE students Josipenko Anna and Bortnik Karina went to study in the second semester of the 2019-2020 academic year at the University of Foggia (Italian Republic) under the Erasmus + KA1 program. We share our students’ impressions:

“That is how happy PUET students look!

Students who know what they want out of life dream boldly and take every chance.

The possibilities offered by the Universe in cooperation with the international scientific and educational center PUET are endless. You have just to #dreambig 

September. Attention. Erasmus + KA1 program. 1000 and 1 thought. Do I need it? Or no? I need it. English exam. The first stage is complete. Letter of recommendation, CV, letter of motivation. The long awaited answer. Invitation from Foggia University. 10-minute stupor. Really ?! What you so long dream of comes into your life, and with it comes only one word: “Thank you.” I probably never felt such total gratitude.

Life has returned 180 degrees: country, language, horizons, university, people, rhythms, it’s all new. The Erasmus + KA1 program, which involves living in another country, is thought through to the smallest detail. The program includes: scholarship, learning a new language, fees, travel, movie watching, various themed parties … six months of transformation is ahead.

Insight: what seems distant and unattainable is, in fact, close. We just need to do a little more than nothing.”

Enrollment in the Erasmus + KA1 International Credit Mobility Program in the first semester of the 2020-2021 academic year will begin shortly. Do not miss the opportunity to join our PUET Erasmus + family.

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