NGO “Vzayemopomich” is looking for 2 students to participate in the study visit “EuroCulture”

NGO “Vzayemopomich” is looking for 2 students to participate in the study visit “EuroCulture” on the topic of promoting the transnational integration of the diaspora, which will take place from 17 to 25 September 2021 in Vadul lui Voda, Moldova.

The training will bring together 27 participants from Denmark, Great Britain, Lithuania, Italy, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Romania and St. Martin.

About the project:

The project aims to develop youth workers’ capacity in supporting culturally marginalized young diaspora in Europe to embrace and engage their transcultural identity and civil citizenship. The first activity of the project, the Study Visit, will provide youth workers with best practices in supporting young diaspora, such as strategic and purposeful initiatives, aimed at fostering diaspora’s transcultural identity and active citizenship.

The Study visit will support the development of your skills, knowledge, and attitudes in reference to:

  • new inspiration and best practices in supporting the transnational integration of diaspora;
  • citizenship, in particular active citizenship and the meaning of citizenship in relation to nationality, identity and residency;
  • identity and how identity is formed and influenced;
  • migration and the subsequent integration of communities, and what influences these processes.

We invite to participate:

youth / social workers, 18+ leaders working with different cultural identities or potential to work in the near future;

with knowledge of English;

desire to promote the acquired skills and project results in Ukraine.

The project is funded by the Erasmus + program, which covers:

100% of food and accommodation costs;

100% travel to and from the venue (if costs do not exceed the limit of 180 euros).

Health insurance is NOT COVERED by the project.

Participation is free for active members of the organization. For those participants who are not members of the organization – an annual membership fee of 30 euros (after you have been approved by the organizers).

To participate by August 12, 23:59, fill out the application form at: https://forms.gle/Pr3kcSHmuemZizcT8

Each applicant will receive the results approximately within a week after the deadline.