Night shifts of the rapid response team

The night of March 1st seemed to Poltava residents, like the previous ones, restless. Alarms sounded again, warnings were received from the SES Poltava sirens. And Poltava residents were forced to run to bomb shelters or adapted shelters. It is probably impossible to get used to it. At least put up with the madness of those who launch deadly shells at civilians. They have not yet heard the voices of reason and humanity.

Today, our response to inhumanity is organization and order. Therefore, the University Administration introduced night duty of university officials and members of the rapid response team in the academic building and all student hostels. Last night showed the feasibility of these measures. Immediately after the alarm, the guards in the hostels (Shkryabets Yu., Misyukevich V., Dragina O.) provided an organized exit of their residents to the shelter, controlled the shutdown of gas and electrical appliances, taking the hostels under protection. I. Vasetsky together with the security guards at the central entrance of the university opened all the entrances to the shelter in time. Vice-rector of the university Garkush S., who is on duty at the university, coordinated the placing of staff and students, residents of neighboring houses. Thank you all for your endurance and organization.

University Administration