Open lecture about family business in creative industries

On December 6, at the Poltava University of Economics and Trade, within the framework of Creative Spark project, a free public lecture “Family Business in the Creative Industries. Pros and Cons » conducted by Kateryna Smotrich (Loyalty Plant Ukraine Sales Director, co-founder of Digital Marketing Academy, International Marketing Business Academy, MarketingJazzz Fest, organizer of SUPERWOMAN Forum) and Jeanne Smotrich (Director of Loyalty Plant Ukraine and International Marketing Business Academy, producer of MarketingJazzz Fest, President Marketingjazzz Club). This lecture caused a lot of excitement and brought together participants from different fields: students, teachers, entrepreneurs.

During the lecture, Catherine and Jeanne shared numerous examples of successful and unsuccessful projects from their own experiences. Participants received valuable advice and guidance on what to do and what to avoid when starting their own business. Much attention was paid to the methods of generating, testing and implementing business ideas, finding partners and scaling businesses. The lecturers also shared their own experiences on how to properly organize a family business, how to combine business and family relationships. Catherine and Jeanne repeatedly emphasized the attractiveness of the creative industries to start their own businesses, analyzed the specifics of this area and indicated the most promising areas.

The authors of the most interesting questions received 2 books and 2 certificates for study at International Marketing Business Academy.

The Creative Spark project does not stop there, and the organizers promise other, no less interesting events in the future and urge to follow the project updates on the official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/creative.spark.poltava/