Participation in a scientific conference in Rochdale (United Kingdom)

                On November 26-28, 2019, the International Scientific and Practical Conference on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Manchester Cooperative College was held. The conference was attended by more than 240 teachers, scientists not only cooperative, but also state, communal, private higher education institutions, cooperators from twenty countries of the world. Meetings were held in the historic hall of Rochdale City Hall, where in the 1940s. started the first consumer society activities.

The conference was supported by the International Cooperative Alliance, whose president A. Guarko in his speech emphasized the importance of educational and educational activities not only of cooperative educational institutions, but also of other cooperative institutions and organizations with the aim of spreading knowledge about cooperation, social entrepreneurship, popularization of business practices and popularity. in society. Heads of the European Co-operative Alliance, national co-operative associations of Great Britain, also participated in the discussion.

Among the key topics discussed at the conference were: the experience of establishing and developing cooperative higher education institutions from around the world; a project to create a cooperative university in the UK; dissemination of cooperative knowledge among school students; the role of cooperatives in ensuring the professional and personal development of the adult population throughout life and so on.

Rector of Poltava University of Economics and Trade Alexei Nestulya and Rector of Lviv Trade and Economic University Petro Kutsyk took an active part in the work of the conference, its meetings, round tables and workshops. They also had an opportunity to get acquainted with the educational and organizational processes of Manchester University.