Poltava University of Economics and Trade has joined the British Council’s Creative Spark Ukraine program

Poltava University of Economics and Trade, in partnership with the Adult Education Center of Poltava Region and the University of Portsmouth, has become one of the two Ukrainian higher education institutions that were selected by the British Council this year and joined the implementation of the Creative Spark Program for Entrepreneurship in Education.

Creative Spark is a five-year initiative that works in Ukraine for the second year and aims to support international university and institutional partnerships for entrepreneurial skills and creative economy in seven countries: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia with the support of Great Britain.

In order to support the reform of higher education and reduce unemployment in seven countries where the Creative Spark program is implemented, universities take on the UK experience in entrepreneurship education. In the first year of the program, about 10,000 students and novice entrepreneurs joined Creative Spark.


1. Develop partnerships between universities and creative industries in the UK and the Creative Spark countries to support entrepreneurial education and business support centers.

2. Conduct training and entrepreneurial skills training for students and creative entrepreneurs – from pitching ideas and starting a business to protecting intellectual property and introducing credit lines.

3. Launching digital programs for learning English, taking into account the training platforms and massive open English online courses (MOOCs) for entrepreneurship.

The joint project of the Poltava University of Economics and Trade within the framework of the Creative Spark: Higher Education Enterprise Program envisages a range of activities aimed to promote the creative industries and training students and young entrepreneurs in 7 regions of Ukraine.

In particular, public lectures are scheduled from leading Ukrainian entrepreneurs, UK-based workshops and intensities of business entrepreneurship for students. After completing the training, participants will have the opportunity to get mentoring support when writing a business plan and starting their own business. Top 10 business ideas will be able to take part in the Creative Spark Big Idea Challenge business pitch contest https://creativespark-bigidea.uk/  and win funding for the project and support in the implementation of the startup.

The team of project developers includes the following members: Inna Pakhomova, Director of the Interdepartmental Institute for Advanced Studies (project office), Alina Tkachenko, Dean of the Faculty of Commodity Studies, Trade and Marketing, Lyudmila Shymanovska-Dianich, Head of the Department of Management, Ihor Yurko, Associate Professor, Department of Business and Entrepreneurship,  Olena Mikhailenko, Associate Professor, Department of Business and Entrepreneurship, Olga Stefanyuk, Associate Professor, Department of Enterprise Economics and Economic Cybernetics, Olena Ivasenko, Director of  Department of Marketing, Alexander Ustyan, post-graduate student of the Department of Business and Entrepreneurship.

We are grateful to the team of project developers for cooperation, and the leadership of the Poltava University of Economics and Trade, for supporting initiatives!

Participating in the Creative Spark: Higher Education Enterprise Program for PUET students is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge from leading Ukrainian and British experts and get support for starting their own business.

For teachers it’s an opportunity to take on the experience of British colleagues and introduce new approaches to the educational process.

For entrepreneurs it is an opportunity to get new actual knowledge from experts for free.

For Poltava University of Economics and Trade it is another proof of international recognition and a step towards further integration into the educational space of the European Union!