Poltava University of Economics and Trade took part in a meeting of the Committee for management of implementation of the economic development Strategy of the city for the period up to 2027

September 24, 2020 the team of Poltava University of Economics and Trade – Director of the Institute of Projects and Innovations Inna Pakhomova, Director of the Institute of Business and Modern Technologies Alina Tkachenko, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Igor Yurko, Head of Accounting and Auditing Eugene Karpenko, Associate Professor of Accounting and Auditing Yuliya Nochovna, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Accounting and Auditing Olena Dmytrenko – took part in the meeting of the Committee for Management of Implementation of the City Economic Development Strategy for the period up to 2027. The implementation of the Strategy involves three stages, which are determined by the relevant Implementation Plans:

the first stage – 2018-2020;

the second stage – 2021-2023;

the third stage – 2024-2027.

The draft of the new Plan for the implementation of the Strategy of economic development of the Poltava united territorial community for the period 2021-2023 was presented at the event. 49 projects were submitted for discussion to three programs of the Strategy, which will contribute to the local economic development of our city. Among them – projects of scientific and pedagogical workers and employees of the university, namely:

Educational HUB. Support for self-employment and entrepreneurship (author –  Nestulya).

Training on the implementation of the HACCP system for food market operators in Poltava (author – Tkachenko).

Accounting courses for anti-terrorist operation participants and persons displaced from the temporarily occupied territories under the program “Accounting, financial and tax accounting + 1C: Accounting for Ukraine” (author – Nochovna).

Conducting training for business “Public procurement according to a new algorithm” (author – Dmitrenko).

Conducting a championship on entrepreneurial activity among high school students “Step to business” (author –  Yurko).

The event was chaired by Vita Klymenko, Director of the Department of Economy and Investment. Members of the Committee, Ihor Lepioshkin, chief expert, program manager of the PLEDDG(Partnership for Local Economic Development and Democratic Governance) project, Andriy Zaluzhny, consultant of the PLEDDG project, Iryna Dudka, regional coordinator in the Poltava region of the PLEDDG project, and the authors of the projects took an active part in the discussion.

Work in this direction continues. We are grateful for the cooperation of the Department of Economy and Investment of Poltava City