Presentation of PUET international activities within TEMPUS UNIVIA project in the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

December 21, 2016 Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine together with project teams of TEMPUS UNIVIA («Development and improvement of the University Administration on International Affairs» 543893-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-AZ-TEMPUS-SMGR) and PICASA («Promoting Internationalisation of HEIs in Eastern Neighbourhood Countries through Cultural and Structural Adaptations» 544125-TEMPUS-2013-AM-TEMPUS-SMGR) supported by the National Erasmus + office in Ukraine held the workshop «Internationalization of higher education: experience of EU projects TEMPUS PICASA and UNIVIA» for representatives of the Higher Educational Institutions.

The members of the project consortiums of UNIVIA, one of which is the Higher Educational Establishment of Ukoopspilka «Poltava University of Economics and Trade» (PUET), and PICASA presented the information on the results of project implementation and shared their experiences in the internationalization of the university.

The results of the TEMPUS UNIVIA project implementation in PUET were presented by the Divisional Manager for Training and Internship Abroad of the International Scientific and Educational Center Anna Bychkova in the presentation «The internationalization of cultural and educational activities of Higher Education Establishment of Ukoopspilka «Poltava University of Economics and Trade».

During the speech, she talked about: the organization of students training within «Double Diploma» program, the programs of internship abroad, foreign students training with the involvement into the cultural and educational PUET activities, the development of cross-cultural, language and communication skills through the activities of Cultural and Educational Centers and learning of foreign languages as a part of the educational process, involvement of foreign lecturers into the PUET educational process, organization of international mobility within the program Erasmus + KA1: Credit mobility, engaging of students in the international project TEMPUS AESOP: «Advocacy Establishment for Students through Ombudsman Position (AESOP)».

The participants of the workshop from different universities of Ukraine were impressed and interested in the results of the project teams and particularly in the results of PUET activities. During the workshop, the speakers answered the audience questions and gladly gave their contacts for exchange of experiences in the future.