Presentation of the DAAD scholarship program for the exchange of students and scholars from Germany

On October 8, 2018  the lecturers of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Vera Terstegen and Kerstin Dalio visited the Poltava University of Economics and Trade with the presentation of scholarship programs for the exchange of students and scholars from higher education in Germany.

DAAD contributes to the internationalization of German higher education, the strengthening of Germanic language and German language abroad, supports developing countries in the process of building strong universities, and advises responsible professionals in educational policy, research abroad and policy towards developing countries.

The lecturers presented to students and teachers their work in Ukraine and described the conditions for providing financial support to the DAAD service, the procedures and deadlines for applying for participation in the program, as well as the features and timetable for language tests on OnDaF, TestDAF, Test AS.

After the presentation, Ms. Vera and Mr. Kirsten conducted an electronic test for students and teachers interested in DAAD programs to obtain a language certificate, which is one of the necessary documents for applying and also for participation in various programs of internship abroad.

Also an agreement was reached with lecturers of the German Academic Exchange Service to conduct additional testing at the end of October.

The exact date of the additional testing will be announced by the international scientific and educational center on the PUET’s website.

For detailed information on the activities of the German Academic Exchange Service in Ukraine and the DAAD scholarship program, you can read the links:  www.daad-ukraine.org , www.daad.de, and as well as on the Facebook page https://goo.gl/2YYtnQ.