PUE is ranked in the Top 3 of the higher education institutions by Webometrics Ranking July 2019

August is generous in summing up the results for domestic universities.

Almost synchronously we receive good news from two of the most important experts: MES of Ukraine and Webometrics-2019.

Webometrics Ranking of World’s Universities has published a traditional ranking of world universities by their online presence. Webometrics research results are published twice a year, in January and in July.

The Webometrics Ranking of World’s Universities process takes into account the number of search pages indexed by a school’s site, external links to it, the citation of the resource, the number of files uploaded to the site, and other indicators.

In other words, the content and information component of the University’s website is evaluated. The developers note that the rating does not take traffic figures and site design into account.

The new Web Ranking of the Universities of the World Ranking Web of Universities is based on systematic data obtained by the developers in July 2019.

Overall, the rating covers more than 12,000 universities and educational institutions from all over the world, including 320 higher education institutions from Ukraine.

According to the results in the overall rating, PUEТ occupied 87th place, while at the same time ranked among the top three private higher education institutions of Ukraine, among the domestic private іnstitutions took 6 place.

Therefore, the hard work of the whole staff of the University was  praised again.