The staff of the Poltava University of Economics and Trade congratulates students and faculty members on the 57th anniversary of successful educational and scientific activities based on the principles of cooperative unity, justice and good faith! Over the years, the university has become the starting point for thousands of talented and successful graduates, professionals of their own affairs, real patriots and advocates for building the national welfare of Ukraine!

Round table “Leaders of student self-government of PUET“. Achievement of the country consists of successes and achievements of its citizens. It is they who should be the driving force for all qualitative changes in society, economy, culture, worldview. Vigorous, creative, thirsty for quality transformations – young people gathered at the round table “Leaders of student self-government PUET”. Representatives of student’s self-government of different generations and issues met to discuss the strategy of further development of student self-government, the development of new tools and algorithms for the expansion of managerial, organizational and strategic competences of student self-government at all levels. “Only such an approach to the development and motivation of self-development of student self-government organizations can stimulate development and progress at the national social level! Student self-government is, without exaggeration, the center where new Ukrainian leaders are born, capable of assuming responsibility for the future of Ukraine “, – summed up the results of the round table, Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor, rector of PUET Alexey Nestulya.

Meeting of graduates of military training PUET. This year marks the 5th anniversary of successful military training at the Higher Educational Establishment of the Poltava University of Economics and Trade under the training program of reserve officers of Kharkiv Air Force University named after Ivan Kozhedub with the awarding of the rank of “Junior Reserve Lieutenant”.

For the day of the university, associate professor, colonel, and head of Military Training PUET, Volodymyr  Gritsenko initiated a meeting of graduates of military training. The exchange of experience, the history of life and professional success, the establishment of partnerships – this is far from a complete list of directions for this meeting. The constructive dialogue of graduates with students, representatives of the administration and teachers outlined a number of common ideas, projects, activities that will be implemented jointly in the next academic year.

“Military training is the one of the most important and priority in shaping the key civil competences of a graduate of a higher educational establishment, which underlies the personal and professional efficiency of a modern Ukrainian!” – says the head of Military training of PUET Volodymyr Gritsenko.

Meetings of graduates of past years. Alumni meetings have already become traditional for celebrating the Day of the University. The symbolic nature of the meeting date is not accidental, since there is an opportunity not only to meet with their student friends, but also to share life and professional experience, student wisdom and ingenuity with students of their native university. Informal, relaxed and warm meetings have become a good tradition for the Poltava University of Economics and Trade.

“We are confident that such meetings and dialogues will contribute to the qualitative training of the new generation of specialists, contribute to the establishment of a national patriotic attitude of the alumni of the native university”, – summed up the results of the meeting with students and teachers chairman of the agro-industrial corporation, PUET graduate Gordiychuk Andriy.

Exhibition-presentation of the achievements of university educational activity and military training of PUET. For the guests, students and entrants in the hall of the second floor was organized an exhibition-presentation of achievements of the educational activity of the university and military training of PUET. All comers had the opportunity to become acquainted with the unique scientific developments, the results of international cooperation, partnership exchange, education and training development, and more. “The University lives, thrives and multiplies advanced educational traditions, implements international educational standards, created a unique environment for the comprehensive development of the personality and professional qualities of a student – the future specialist of the highest grade”, – shares the impressions the guest of the exhibition-presentation, Poltava Mayor Oleksandr Mamay.

PUET-57. Festive completion of the birthday of the native university. Among the respectable guests were the Poltava Mayor Oleksandr Mamay, the chairman of the board of the agro-industrial corporation, the PUET graduate, Andriy Gordiychuk and the board chairman of the Odessa oblast consumer union Oleksandr Parovenko.

The enchanting concert program, flawless vocals, choreographic compositions have left no one indifferent.

We wish the university family peace, kindness and realization of the most ambitious life plans, creative ideas and scientific achievements, and to university – to keep a high level of the leader of modern education, to remain an example and a guide in reforming higher education in Ukraine!