PUET invites applicants to obtain engineering and economics education at the European University (Poland) under the “Double Diploma” program

Poltava University of Economics and Trade invites applicants for engineering and economics education at the European University (Poland) and Poltava University of Economy and Trade under the “Double Diploma” program.

Advantages of the program:

  • Flexible terms of admission;
  • Two state-level diplomas in educational programs “Economic-Cybernetics and Business-analytics” / “Programming of Economic Processes” (Poltava University of Economics and Trade) and “Applied Methods of Strategic Management and Production Systems Engineering” (Higher School of Communication and Management, Poznan, Poland);
  • Study in the European Union with the possibility of internship in other EU countries;
  • The oportunity to get a scholarship for study results at a rate of 100-200 euros per month;
  • Education in Poland  in Russian with the possibility to translate into Polish and English-language programs (students are offered Polish language courses);
  • Employment in the specialty from the first year of study in the territory of the EU;
  • Ability to study by individual curriculum;