Recently Poltava University of Economics and Trade held the second meeting of science council of tourism and resorts

Ivan Liptuha, the department head of ministry of economic development of tourism and resorts, a chairman deputy of the Council of leading professors of universities of Ukraine, government departments, public organizations and representatives of travel business, attended this meeting. Myloka Rogoza, the first prorector of Poltava University of Economics and Trade, Valeriy Holovko, the chairman of the state administration, Larisa Onishchuk, chief executive officer of administration of infrastructure and tourism in Poltava, Viltaliy Pavlov, department head of tourism and cultural population of  Executive committee attended the opening of the event.

More than 20 representatives of scientific elite from different corners of Ukraine took part in the functioning of the Science Council. The meeting consisted of looking over the important questions that had their own practical reflection in realization of strategic and tactical events for development of tourism sector in Ukraine. Our university once more became a platform for effective interaction of state and local authorities, scientific elite, active public organizations and business for the development of tourism in Ukraine.