Report of the Director of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Leadership Nestula to the Academic Council of the University about participation in the project “Innovation University and Leadership”

From 05.11.18 to 11.31, a group of Ukrainian scientific and pedagogical staff participated in the project “Innovation University and Leadership. Phase IV: Communication Strategies and Relationships University – School. “

Purpose of the project – Preparation of two groups of academic leaders:

–  that have desire and ability to implement modern communication technologies into the practice of Ukrainian higher education (October 2018, Group G);

-that  focus on studying and developing new models of university relations with various secondary and vocational education institutions (November 2018, Group H).

By 16.09.18, the applicants prepared a motivational letter and a package of documents necessary for participation in the competition. As a result, 25 representatives were selected.

The project envisaged intensive training in Ukraine and Poland and the preparation and implementation of relevant individual mini-projects.

The project continues with the support of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Poland, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and under the patronage of the Foundation of Polish Rectors – the Institute of Knowledge Society.

During November, 25 representatives of various Higher Education Institutions of Ukraine took intensive studies at the University of Warsaw -for 2 weeks;

and Jagiellonian University (Krakow) – 2 weeks in the group “N”.

On November 30, the defense of the mini-projects of the participants took place. By the results of Phase I – active training in Poland, each participant received a Certificate of attending training courses and consultations at Polish universities. Nestula presented the mini-project “Development of the Poltava Regional School Leaders”, which will be implemented during 2018-2019. At the academic council, Svetlana Nestula shared the ideas and thoughts of the Polish professors who worked with their Ukrainian colleagues during the month, shared their experience and vision of further steps in reforming the education sector for the sake of high quality education both in Poland and in Ukraine.