Results of the Erasmus + AESOP project “Realization of student rights protection by implementation student ombudsman”

On May 22, 2019, at the meeting of the Academic Council of the University, the results of the Erasmus + AESOP project «Realization of student rights protection by implementation student ombudsman ” which operates in PUET since 2017, were presented.

In the period of changes in the educational legislation of Ukraine, the implementation of the post of student ombudsman is particularly relevant, since in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “About Education”, an institution of the educational ombudsman, which must ensure the rights of the person to education, should consider violations of such rights and make appropriate decisions.

This project is the result of the successful international cooperation of the university with higher education institutions in Europe (Poland, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Great Britain, Finland) and the countries of the Eastern Partnership (Georgia, Azerbaijan), as well as long partnerships with Ukrainian universities. After all, Ukraine is represented at the international consortium by the Poltava University of Economics and Trade with the Kiev National Economic University named after V. Hetman.

As a result of the project implementation:

• research was conducted on the existence of violations of students’ rights at the university;

• advanced experience in the creation, implementation, operation and development of ombudsman institutes in European universities was studied;

• the constituent documents on the establishment of the ombudsman office and the introduction of the position of the ombudsman in the university activities were developed;

• Educational and educational materials on advocacy of students and students’ training were developed;

• training ombudsperson and educational activities of participants in the educational process at each partner university;

• conducting research at the university to measure the impact of the student ombudsman’s office;

• Continuous dissemination of the results of the project implementation. More detailed information about the project results can be found on the project pages:



Implementation of the project provides the opportunity to create additional guarantees for student youth in the social and educational spheres of life.

At the meeting of the academic council, the annual report of the office of the student ombudsman was presented and discussed. Student Ombudsman PUT Vasyl Karmanenko has reported on the following areas:

cooperation is established for the purpose of disseminating the university experience;

preparation of educational and methodological, training publications, editions of constituent documents;

work with appeals.

Report on the work of the office of Ombudsman PUT for 2018-2019

The Student Ombudsman for the consideration of the Academic Council had made proposals for the improvement of certain processes of the educational process at the university. Proposals were supported and are in the process of implementation.

We thank to Nestula O. O., the team of the project and all participants in the educational process for the support in implementing the project!