Scientific achievements of the regional ethnologists of Poltava

On October 18, 2018, a presentation  of a book “Vyacheslav Senyutovych-Berezhny – Ukrainian heraldry historian and genealogist from Poltava region” by a local ethnographer, public figure from Lohvychyna Ivan Dudnik was held in PUET. This is the result of many years of ethnographic work of the first Ukrainian Doctor of Sciences in heraldry and genealogy Vyacheslav G. Seniutovich-Berezhny.

In the book, besides the historical biography of the heraldry scientist, the Cossack
lineages, the leading figures of the Cossack movement in Ukraine, and interesting historical events of those times in the author’s interpretation will be discussed.

The author of the book, Ivan Dudnik, succeeded in the main thing: the people who for the first time get acquainted with the figure of Senyutovich-Berezhny give the opportunity to open his name, and for people to some extent aware of the biography and creative work of the scientist to discover new unique information about the life of a talented fellow countryman and his family.

The presentation was attended by doctor of sciences, professor, rector of PUET, chairman of the Poltava regional organization of the National Union of Local History of Ukraine Oleksiy Nestula, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Head of the Department of Pedagogy and Social Sciences, Secretary of the Poltava Regional Organization of the National Union regional historians of Ukraine Iryna Petrenko, chairman of the Lohvytsya district state administration Volodymyr Ryazanov, member of the Presidium of the Ukrainian World Coordinating Council, journalist and political scientist Victor Girzhov, leading regional linguists of the city.

During the presentation, there was a wonderful opportunity to listen to works in the performance of the Bandurist Chapel “Strings of the Heart” of Lokhvytsky District House of Culture. In addition, in the course of the scientific event, a historical and ethnographic map of Lokhvytschyna “From ancient times to the present” was presented.