St. Valentine’s Day together with PUET and shopping mall Kyiv

Traditionally, the PUET student community organizes an enchanting entertainment program for students and university teachers. This year this holiday was celebrated together with the Shopping and Entertainment Center “Kyiv”, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this day.

ART City’s area hospitably opened its doors for students and guests of the Kyiv, where visitors could symbolically strengthen their romantic alliances with official oaths during the enchanting and emotional “marriage ceremony”.

The culmination of the Valentine’s Day was the entertaining concert program “Mr. + Miss PUET-2019”. The competition was attended by beautiful ladies and genuine gentlmen, which created 7 interesting, talented couples. They competed in four categories: staging, choreography, vocals and a competition for the best creative costume.

Wins and diplomas in the nominations:

“The Most Gracious Couple” – Zolotar Ruslan and Yosypenko Anna.

“The most romantic couple” – Tsap Pavel and Serbin Vitalina.

“The most original couple” – Ischenko Nikolay and Okua Nikolb

“The most artistic couple” – Alexander Bliznetsov and Mukomel Alina

“The most creative couple” – Mikh Volodymyr and Yurchyshyn Ekaterina

“The most singing couple” – Ivanov Vladislav and Tsaturyan Karina

“The most organic pair” – Nosal Oleg and Mironenko Natalia

According to the ratings of the competent jury, the title “Mr. + Miss PUET 2019” was won by Ivanov Vladislav and Tsaturyan Karina.

The winners, nominees and participants received gifts and greetings from honorary guests of the event – the rector of the University Alexei Nestula and the ideological inspirator for the creation of the shopping mall “Kyiv” – Grigory Dashutin.

The sincerity of emotions, team work and mutual assistance of participating students and dedication of the organizers of the festive event created a romantic, friendly atmosphere of the holiday.

Congratulations once again to the glorious team of shopping mall Kyiv with its 10th anniversary, and thanks for the years of fruitful cooperation.