Students of PUET became participants of the program “Student Action: Leadership Development Program for Students” from the British Council

One of the prerequisites for the reform of higher education in Ukraine is the development of students’ leadership potential. In Europe, students play an important role in organizing the educational process. Taking into account the best European higher education system, the project “Student Action: Leadership Development Program for Students” is being implemented in Ukraine.

On November 9-10, a student of the Poltava University of Economics and Trade Olga Kulivush, Marina Negoda and Yana Polieva became participants of the British Student Action program.

The program gathered students from many Ukrainian universities and worked in teams on a variety of topics. During the training the participants were waiting for: exchange of experience in the field of mentoring; the basis of communication from the administration of higher education institution; Studying the role of students in ensuring the quality of higher education; mentorship of project initiatives. Among the speakers were Mikhail Vynnytsky, Timur Demchuk, Irina Naumuk, Sofia Yusypovych and Dmitry Tyshchenko.

The project “International Club” of the Poltava University of Economics and Trade was selected to 33 best among 170 declared. The project was initiated with the aim of establishing intercultural dialogue between Ukrainian and foreign students. The list of activities includes conducting multicultural events aimed at familiarizing students with the language, culture and traditions of different countries of the world.  Students  also have the idea to introduce the initiative”My  International Friends”, so when  a forigner student wants to study Ukrainian and a Ukrainian student who seeks to improve his knowledge of foreign languages will spend extra time together.

The team of Poltava University of Economics and Trade will be able to improve its project during the study of the second module, which will be held November 30-December 1 in Kiev.