“Students – the vanguard of of the state”

On 15-17 December the Forum “Students – the vanguard of of the state” was held in Kyiv. 100 participants took part in it. They introduced 21 region of our country, out of where more than 300 candidates were selected.

Within 3 days we had an opportunity to discuss the role of the students in our state, remember the biggest student protests, discuss the state affairs. In particular, the draft laws were discussed: “About Youth” и “About education”, which are the most important for our students communities. They grant us new opportunities in the processes of state development. The issues of scholarship granting were also discussed, our new actions landmarks were also defined. At the end of forum the Resolution was made up. It included the following topics.

Currently, students have all legitimate reasons and opportunities to influence locally. They can do things locally and at the same time pursue the global goal of all students. Who, if not we will manage the country’s future, because everything is in our hands, it is the students who become the engine for reforms, to the creation of the state!