«Success Formula» – a New Book

«Success Formula» is the title of the new book written by Ihor V.Koziura, Doctor of Public Administration, Professor of Department of Management, Poltava University of Economics and Trade. The author started a new trend in the field of public administration and local government – local administrative studies, with biographical research as an integral part of it.

The book consists of essays on our contemporaries countrymen who have achieved success in their life, work, social, administrative and management activities – scientists and administrators, mayors, deputies of the regional council, successful managers. Rector of Poltava University of Economics and Trade Oleksiy Nestulia is among the heroes of the book.

The edition combines author’s scientific achievements and local history practices, contains stories and recipes of success. It is intended for scientists, employees of local authorities, teachers, students, postgraduates and doctoral students. It will be interesting and useful for the mass reader.

The author convincingly proves that to be successful, first of all a person has to be a professional, a master of his craft, to be able to build a strategy of its development, have a certain charisma, learn to live in harmony with oneself and other people. The sincerity, personal integrity, courtesy, wisdom and charity should be components of its success, and the companion of luck.